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Suite, Op 2, for Organ and Strings

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This work consists of four movements: 1. Traveling Spirit; 2. Whimsically (an organ fugue); 3. Nostalgia; 4. Westward. Each of these acts as a vignette, painting a picture of a significant moment during my travels to western America over the last several years. Whether it be a specific site, the feeling of traveling long distance, characteristics of certain places, or watching the formation of a "Dust Devil" in the Arizona desert, this work is exemplary of an impressionistic style of writing; while a classical style of writing is obvious, in some cases, overall, I decided to approach this work in a more free-flowing, cinematic style. 

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We all have stories about our lives to share. StoriesToSongs is a songwriting project of mine in which I write songs about significant moments in peoples lives. I believe the act of sharing experiences brings us closer together and heals and/or empowers us. Songs are vignettes of life experience; for centuries, they've given us the ability to understand our human nature on a deeper level, connecting us to one another, through shared experiences. 

photo credit: Kevin Julian 

photo credit: Kevin Julian 

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