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Holding On Tight (DEMO)

by Anthony Rispo

I believe in Marianne Williamson’s message wholeheartedly and looking back to my young years, I believed in them then! Ever since I was a little boy, my feelings about humanity were focused on healing, understanding and loving, perhaps because I’d experienced quite a bit of social exclusion from my peers, I grew up in a big family, and I’d always known that my sexuality was “different” from the other guys. I wasn’t hungry or on the streets, but my pain belonged to me and was something I did not address until later on in life. On the other hand, I grew up in the Catholic Church and learned many great spiritual practices during my formative years: benevolence, altruism, do unto others as you’d like done unto yourself, forgiveness and reconciliation (now I look at those two from a more holistic and spiritual viewpoint), but I wanted more and I didn’t know what that meant at the time. Now I know, it was to gain a better understanding of myself and other people and not to diligently abide by a rulebook through which I would navigate my way to eternity upon my death. I wanted to understand why so many people live for work and work to live a life after this one. We are here for a reason, and that is to create congruently with our true nature: LOVE. We have NOW to live for, and we should live presently with a healthy perspective and foresight of the future. I wasn’t getting what my soul needed from church dogma, so I separated myself from it in my early teens and embarked upon a journey of spiritual self-discovery, at times, bleak and for a period of time, atheistic. I went through a phase of rebellion, thinking that I could do everything on my own. With this mindset came extreme mental distress which ultimately landed me in my first adult therapy session at the age of 25. Skipping ahead by a lot, I recognized that we as sentient beings have an innate ability to transcend ego and the disguise of our personas. We can tap into that fundamental part of who we are where universal energy resides and move mountains. Marianne Williamson exemplifies a human being in a soul’s body. Her sense of people and spirituality is far bigger than her persona or material self. I believe there are many “Marianne’s” in the world, but THIS Marianne has decided to listen to her inner call and practice it to the point of running for President of The United States. Finally, someone who not only understands my young self’s mind, but also, is that inquiring and curious mind. I really feel like I’ve come full circle in my life, at least for this phase of it. Through the pain and hardship, which I call “the refinement stage”, powerful amounts of clarity have arisen. I hold on to my journey towards soul discovery; I hold on to my conviction to love; I hold on to my true nature, which is your true nature; I hold on to valuing individuals where they are in their life experience. Without people like Marianne, my life would be a bit more confusing. Our inner beings are enough to get us through, but to have people in our life experience affirm from afar that we are on the right track: that we aren’t “too sensitive, weird, or too much”, instead, we are IN TOUCH. And so, I dedicate this anthem to Marianne and her campaign which is more than just a political maneuver. It’s a movement towards the next level of human consciousness: something I’d always hoped would happen during my time on this planet.