My Teaching Philosophy: 
To inspire the individual to discover and understand their strengths and to utilize them to their fullest potential; to obtain enough wisdom to approach their 'weaknesses' not as roadblocks, rather, as opportunities for growth. Objectivity and embodied cognition play a major role in my approach, allowing the individual to attain high levels of achievement. 

Level-based instruction for Traditional Organ or Piano Lessons, or lessons in the Lister-Sink Method

Offering instruction to all ages within these categories:

  • beginner - some keyboard experience 
  • intermediate - little to moderate keyboard experience 
  • advanced - moderate to extensive keyboard experience

examples of mine and Dr. Lister-Sink's playing: 

  • click to see and hear Dr. Lister-Sink's playing. 
  • click to see and hear Anthony Rispo. 


Improvisation is an important component to music making; it is incorporated into all types of lessons I offer, as it provides a clearer understanding of the layers and intricacies of written composition. Some of the subjects I like to address while teaching improvisation include, but are not limited to: theory, ear training, rhythm, and writing and reading from lead sheets.  


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